Jac Reniers Marketing Research & consultancy


RMRC = Jac Reniers Marketing Research & Consultancy.

For professional marketing research if you don’t have an internal research department or not enough MR capacity. 

 I am a passionate marketing researcher with many years of experience in consumer research.

During the first half of my professional life I have worked at 3 market research agencies, where I learned the trade from the bottom up, from system programmer to research director.

It was during this period that I worked on many projects for the consumer market, business-to-business research and research for the pharmaceutical market.

 The second half of my career I worked in various positions at the client side, among others as head marketing research at Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts, the Dutch market leader in Coffee and tea with a wide variety in brands and sub-brands. I was also responsible for the brands of a score of affiliate food companies (producing rice, snacks, nuts, soups, drinks, desserts).

Later on I moved to the Sara Lee Household & Body Care division where I was responsible for the worldwide market research for the Sanex brand.

This career has made me a researcher with senior experience in the Netherlands and many other countries and has given me a lot of knowledge of all facets of research: from making calculations, via analyzing and interpreting data to the delivery of concise and relevant management advice.

Experience has given me a clear eye for costs, quality and management needs.

At the core of all my efforts lies my dedication to achieve -in cooperation with the client- effective research solutions, based on expertise, experience, possibly available information and ingenuity.