Key words in the RMRC approach are: practical, no frills, value for money, result oriented and strategic advice. My primary concerns are the usefulness and value of the information to be gathered.

Based on an explorative talk we can establish whether RMRC can be of interest to you. If required I will then present a proposal, containing the planned activities, cost and timing. This will not commit you to anything.

By working with RMRC it is possible to perform marketing research in a professional way, also if you don’t have an internal market research department or if you are short of internal research capacity.


· Does not perform fieldwork for research but advises and guides in the choice of the most appropriate agency
  based on elaborate Dutch and international experiences
· Is independent and has no ties with agencies
· Works only with parties that match our high demands.

Working with RMRC:
· Is inspiring
· Is transparent
· Implies close contacts
· Has a high involvement from both sides
· Leads to clear advices
· Is telling it like it is